Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jewel Box Baby Quilt ... deciding on the quilting designs

Sometimes, I have a strong feeling of how a top will be quilted as I'm making it.  Other times, the idea is much more fuzzy.    This one's been very fuzzy.  Here's a zoom of the top I'm about to quilt.  (You can increase the size of photos on this blog by clicking on the photo.  Just use the back arrow to return to the blog.)
portion of the Jewel Box quilt top
This is what I've finally decided I'll do to quilt it.  I want a tropical feel to this quilt, which will compliment the batiks.
Quilting motif for the Jewel Box quilt top

I think I got stuck on making those diamond jewels symmetrical.  Most of the other designs ended up looking too much like a spider for my taste.  I also didn't want to blend the diamond and the yellow backgrounds, even though some of my other doodles attempted to join the motif into one large area.
Ideas that I rejected

First attempt of ideas.  I find it helpful to quickly color in the design until I can see it without any shading.
It's nice to print out the design and sketch the quilting with a pencil. I can audition without any seam ripping.  Once I'm happy with the design, there's already some muscle memory / brain training for making those continuous lines.  Also, I'm aware of how many starts and stops I'll need to deal with. 

I'll share the quilting in progress soon.  It's time to grab my sword and go fencing.  We have a tournament next Saturday and it's time for some practice.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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  1. I like how you draw out the quilting designs! You can visualize it that way! I am your newest follower too! Thanks for following me too!