Thursday, August 25, 2011

T-Shirt Quilt is ready for the frame!

Woohoo! The t-shirt quilt top is finished!  For now, our dining room table is in the basement great room, along with my sewing areas.  It's great for playing with blocks and squaring up large quilts, and in this case, keeping a large quilt from getting too wrinkled.

I may go ahead and quilt the baby quilt first.  It's already loaded on the frame and has been waiting so patiently.  I think I may have to sketch the design again to make sure I still remember what my plans are for this one.  It's probably too much quilting for a baby quilt, but I like to play and learn and experiment.

T-Shirt quilt top on the dining room table.  Baby quilt on the frame.
There's one extra t-shirt quilt block that I'll make into a pillow.  Notice the stain on that lime green!  I think I'll quilt a guitar neck over the stain using green threads.  It will be subtle, but will distract from the stain.
This block will become a pillow.
Are you wondering about all those half-square triangle units?  So am I!  They're remnants from the 4 outer edges of each block.  They can be trimmed down to 2.5 inches each.  No plans yet, but I'm sure they'll make a nice contribution to a child's quilt.  Pinwheels, diamonds, 8 pointed stars ...... What do you think?
Leftovers from the T-Shirt quilt blocks
Today, the air conditioning guys should be finishing their work - vent covers on all vents, taking care of insulation gaps in the ductwork, etc.  Then tomorrow, the hardwoods are scheduled to be delivered.  It's nice to see the house repairs in motion again.

Also, the tree stump removal is supposed to really, really happen today.  There should be 2 stump grinders working all day.  Sigh.  If I seem a little skeptical, please forgive me.  There have been several excuses as to why this hasn't happened yet.  This Saturday will mark 4 months since the tornadoes.  I'll stop by the house after a haircut to see what's going on and hopefully, will have to post again and eat my doubtful words this afternoon.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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