Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tropical Top Finished ... Not your usual baby quilt

I've been working on this top for baby gift.  The colors and batik tropicals are unusual.  And it's kind of large at 60" x 60".  But babies grow, and her parents are from a tropical place, and this baby's room will be orangey, green and yellow.  I just had to throw in a bit of purples to have a contrast to the lights.  It's hard to stand back far enough away to take a photo.  (Soon I'll have a design wall to help me show off what I'm about to quilt.)

Here's a stack of some of those fabrics.  I folded them when I thought I was finished with each.  It's possible  I missed one or two.  The center medallion is made from these tropical ferns on the right.  There aren't really any browns in this stack.  My colors look a little muddy in these photos.

I flipped through some old magazines and found this pattern in Quick Quilts from August 2008.  It's called Garden Party.
So now I need to make a quick decision on how to quilt it.  The shower is scheduled for Sunday!

No tree service today.  Bummer.  I thought this would be the time they'd really show up.  So I guess we'll hire a different tree service to finish the work that these guys started.  I'd hoped the first group would want the remainder of their payment and also want to preserve their reputation.

I cleaned lots of drywall dust this morning, chatted with the builders and the termite inspector, then went home for the 2nd shower of the day by 10:30 am.  Treated myself to a library trip and a milkshake, then worked on this top for a few hours.  Now it's time to get ready for my hot, tired and ravenously hungry band campers.  We have a spare trumpet player this week, so we're enjoying more stories, giggles and laundry.  I like to hear their conversation about all the funny things that happens with their friends, who stomped on who's foot, which upperclassman has adopted a freshman, etc.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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