Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Few Take Along Projects

It's nice to have something to take along for those times when I'm expected to sit still, a task I've never excelled at doing.  These three are ready for the hand sewing part of the binding.  I know some quilters machine stitch that second side of the binding because it's faster and they can be more productive. 

Thankfully, we can all choose what appeals to each of us.  I like to do this part by hand.  It's like crossing the finish line in slow motion, so there is more time to enjoy it.  Plus, I prefer the way this method looks.

I've already started with the fishy one.  These binding clips are really handy.

For this blue one, I decided to train the binding to wrap around the quilt using straight pins.  Then, I'll use the clips once they've done their job on the fishy quilt.  With straight pins, I've managed to draw blood twice on this little Project Linus quilt.  I do NOT recommend straight pins! 

Band aids should not be considered a quilting notion.

I sewed the first side of the binding to the back and wrapped to the front because a slightly wider amount of binding will show on the front.  The only print is in the binding and I thought the little extra interest it provided was needed.

Here's more longarm quilting photos of the plaid shirt quilt.  This one will be great to keep in the van for an impromptu picnic or if the weather changes quickly and someone needs to keep warm. 

Speaking of weather changes, we enjoyed mid-60's sunshine on Monday after our all-day-long snowy Saturday.  Cracks me up!  We're getting rain right now.

For this utility quilt, the goal was pretty, but quick quilting.  Each block on the front provided an area to swirl and then make butterfly wing feathers.  I think the swirls compliment those plaids.  
Quick, no mark quilting
The back side - also plaid shirt pieces

The piano key outer borders were quilted with wavy lines.  Waves are faster that straight lines because straight lines need the precision of a ruler and a fixed distance from the seams or the eye will catch the one line that breaks the pattern.  With the waves, the variance in the shapes aren't as obvious.

 more detail on the back ....

For more eye candy today, here's how I left one of the pockets functional by just quilting around its edge.  When we're picnicking, I'll tuck the silverware or napkins there, just because it will make me smile to use the pocket.

 One of my teens was vehemently against the plaid shirts at first, but now admits that they have a certain charm, given that they're still plaids.  Glad this one isn't as hideous as she first feared it would be.  : )

Enjoy your day ... for this is the day that the Lord has made!
- SeeingStars

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  1. I love all of your projects. I don't use the binding clips, I glue.