Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stencilling in Some Fun

I won a blog giveaway, but I've been waiting until there was a little extra time in my schedule to try this out.   These stencils were designed by Terri Stegmiller.  She hosted a blog hop with several giveaways to show various ways her stencils can be used.

Thank you, Terri, for sponsoring these giveaways!  I was inspired by several bloggers showing amazing things they are doing with your stencils.  I have a lot to learn, but hey .... baby steps, right?

Terri Stegmiller Stencils

Yesterday, the snowflakes blew around for most of the day, except for when my teen and I decided to continue our 5K training.  At that time, the flakes turned to pellets and we were beaten in the face by little Styrofoam balls of snow.  This is a very strange Spring Break!  We miss the warm weather and we're wishing we were in Florida, swimming in my Dad's pool.

Anyway, the snowy day provided a perfect excuse for me to get out all of my fabric dying supplies ... which are a total of 3 Shiva paint sticks.

Here's a start of the project.  I think a gel based medium would work much better.  As the crayon moves across the fabric, it shifts the fabric.  I tried pressing hard on the stencil, but the fabric still shifted a little bit.  That resulted in the outlines being a little bit fuzzy.

It was fun to mix/smear the colors with fingertips to get more blending.

I really like these leaves!

Now I think it would be fun to overlay the stencils with a set of cool colors over these autumn warms.  I might look at something besides the Shiva oil based sticks to try this.  These oils require 24 hours to dry and now they've checked that requirement.  I'd like to find a medium that doesn't cover what's there now, but grabs hold of the background fabric.  Maybe if I stencil from the back side of the fabric, I'll get that effect.

I have lots to learn about paints and dyes!

I'm envisioning pretty contrasting stitches around these outlines.  They will add a zing and hide those fuzzy outlines caused by the shifting of the fabric.  Maybe for a journal cover.

Thanks so much for the suggestions regarding the quilt on my design wall in previous posts.  I'm following some of your advice and it's beginning to look much better.  Hope I can show of the completed top in a day or so.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. Your leaves are lovely! You can have a lot of fun by adding some paints and dyes to your toolbox, but you are off to a super start!

  2. You used some beautiful colors here. It is the nature of fabric not to stay completely still but I know from experience that the more you play/practice the more you learn how to conquer it! But sometimes unexpected results can be quite pleasing.