Saturday, March 23, 2013

On the Frame

It's a rainy Saturday, so no work has been done on our tool shed.

And I'm still stumped on fabrics for a quilt for my dad.  Why is this one so hard????

So, I loaded this one on the frame while I think about Dad's quilt.
Project Linus upholstery samples quilt

Since it's made with upholstery fabrics, I decided to try backing it with a lightweight fleece and not including batting.  Then, I realized that I could get a large piece if I purchased a fleece blanket, rather than yardage (60" width)  That eliminates a thick backing seam.  The price was similar or perhaps a little better than purchasing yardage.

I rewound a little here ...
So with a little ruler work, I've stitched in the ditch on the horizontal seams and then echoed those horizontal lines about 2 or so inches away from the seam.  These are filled with a ribbon candy free motion motif.  I really need the practice with this design, so this seemed like a good idea.

Vertical seams are filled in with a back-and-forth winding line.
Since this quilt is at least twin sized, if not a little larger, I'm thinking this will be great for a teen girl.  The quilting and most of these prints hint at a modern theme.  I hope a teen will find this to her liking.  It's really nice that Project Linus allows each recipient to choose their quilt.  That way, they get one that appeals to them.

Here's the fleece backing ... in hindsight, a light colored fleece would have been better since the thread is a light Aqua colored cotton.
I'm hoping that once it's washed, the fleece will get fluffier and hide the threads on the back side.  It will be a nice texture without the aqua showing.

So now that I've spent a little time posting, I think the thunder is gone.  That means I can plug in those power cords again and finish this one soon.

Jambalaya is smelling great in the crock pot.  Our family is planning to watch a movie (Les Miserables) and cuddle under quilts and blankets tonight.  I rarely watch tv or movies, but I'll try to sit still tonight.  I've heard this is a good one.

Enjoy your evening.
- SeeingStars

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  1. Actually I think it's nice that the quilting shows so well on the back and the purple is a pretty color. I can see this really appealing to a teenage girl. Nice job!