Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Log Cabin Blocks

Our guild's Opportunity Quilt this year will be a log cabin style quilt.  After a shopping spree with Deb and then a kit building party last Friday to cut all the pieces and arrange into blocks, it's time to make the blocks.

Here are 4 blocks I made.  The batiks are so pretty.  I'm excited to see this quilt come together.
And here they are turned so the medium brights are in the center.

I've been playing on my design wall to start a new quilt.  It will combine Christmas fabrics with music fabrics - somehow.  Thus far, I'm not happy with the choice for the accent fabrics forming the frames around the large squares.

I cut green fabrics for the accent squares, but didn't take a photo.  How did I miss that step?  Then, I took everything off the design wall to make a few modifications to the wall.  With green accents, I needed less green in the other fabrics, so I cut more of those too.  There will probably be enough to do 2 quilts by the time I've made a decision.

I'll put everything back on the wall today and keep striving for something that appeals.

Here's the roof in progress.  It's finished now and I'll need to take a few more photos of the skylights.  Notice I'm on the soil taking the photo while the other workers are much higher.  My respect for gravity keeps me grounded.  A family that builds together is ... nuts!

Hoping to get the walls in place for our upcoming weekend.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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