Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dear Tech Support ... My Freemotion Spell Checker is Faulty

As I was working on the word "swimming", I thought to myself, "Hmmmm.  I don't remember making all those m's last time I stitched out this word."  Sure enough.  I tried skimping on letters.

So the seam ripper helped me unstitch enough to correct the typo.  The words went white on the paper just above the quilt.  I wrote them out on the paper to make sure I could space them well.  Then they acted as a guide for spacing as I wrote them in stitches.  No marking the quilt, but better results.

Here's the corrected word.

My kids learned a song in preschool that went :

All the fish are swimming in the water,
swimming in the water, swimming in the water.
All the fish are swimming in the water,
bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, splash!

Fingers are crossed that I've spelled the rest correctly for this little Project Linus twister.  This photo below shows the quilt attached at the top to the frame, but not at the bottom.  I do this after quilting the center when I'm turning the borders to quilt them.  I'm not even going to try to quilt cursive writing upside down nor up or down the side borders!  I've found that the top and side clamps, plus the weight of the quilt pulling down over the belly bar provide enough stability to quilt the borders this way.  I don't know if anyone else does this or not, but it works for me.

Here's the center of the quilt.  This pattern was fast, required no marking and reminds me of seaweed waving in the current. 

To avoid stops and starts with each twister shape, I started in the center of the left twister.
Traveled up and back to center, down and back to center, left and back to center with the continuous curves.
Then I traveled right (continuous curve) to the edge of the twister and continued going right to the center of the next twister.  Once I quilted the whole row this way, I finished the last twister shape completely, then travelled left to the edge of the neighboring twister to complete the last continuous curve.... back again to my starting point.

The extra travel in the horizontal seam lines are doubled, but still not very noticeable.  Here's the back side of the quilt.

With a zoomed in section, I can see the horizontal traveling.  But only because I was looking for it over the purple background.

I think this is the first ever quilt that went on and off the frame in the same day.  The reason?  We had a snow day which relieved us from continuing with our shed building jobs.  It's been really nice to have a day where the agenda was erased and everyone could relax.

No accumulation, but it looks so pretty dancing in the air.  We usually get excited if we see snow for 15 or 20 minutes, so it's been amazing to watch it snow all day long!

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. Great title for your blog post! Glad you caught your mistake and it didn't take long to fix it. The quilting works well with the twister blocks. Nice job!

  2. That is a beautiful quilt not matter how you spelled any word! I found the Twister quilt so hard to find a path without stopping and starting. Your quilting looks wonderful!

  3. Sweet quilt. I like your quilting designs and ideas. At least you caught your mistake.