Friday, March 22, 2013

When I grow up ....

When I grow up, I will sail the seven seas. 
I'll strap a sword to my side and a parrot 
     will ride on my shoulder. 
I'll stomp around in boots and I'll always 
     wear my tri-cornered hat, even when I sleep.
When I grow up, my treasure chest will be full of 
     gold doubloons and I will bury it on a 
     secret island surrounded by sharks.
I'll call my friends silly names like Scurvy Rat or 
     Peg Leg and we will say, "Argh" just for fun. 
I will climb my ship's mast so I can see past the 
    horizon wile I look for mermaids.  And when I catch 
    one, she'll tell me all her secrets.
When I grow up, I'll shoot cannonballs at sea monsters.
When I grow up, I'll be a pirate.

by SeeingStars

I wrote the words in chalk first to make sure the placement worked

Then used a damp washcloth to erase after the quilting
I had to add a sword too
Tossed pirates and ocean waves for the backing
 This one will be turned in to Project Linus next week.  I'm hoping a young boy will choose this one and enjoy his imagination as he looks at all the prints and asks someone to read it to him.  Although I tried to work this out using print, rather than cursive, it didn't seem to work for me.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. What a wonderful poem and quilt. Nice job.

  2. What a great idea for a Linus quilt!!

  3. This is just a priceless quilt. Wonderful job in making such a creative combination of words and cloth. I'm having grand visions of childhood right now....thank you.

  4. A great quilt for a boy! I just hope he can read cursive. They don't seem to teach that much anymore, although I think it's still useful and beautiful.